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3 weight Variegated Perle Cotton

3 weight Variegated Perle Cotton

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3 weight perle cotton is lends itself to filling in larger spaces quickly, creating big stitches and large French knots. It is a favorite for couching on the surface. When stitching, It works best with more open weave fabrics.

3 weight perle cotton is thicker than both 8 and 5 weight. 

Spools are 30yards (27m)

Extra short variegations in order to provide rapid color change on hand stitch projects.

General uses: Wool applique, hand embroidery, sashiko, crochet, knitting, crafts.

Note: product images show color only not size of thread. 

This photo shows from left to right, 8 wt, 5 wt and 3 wt for size comparison

side by side comparison of 8, 5 and 3 wt perle cotton

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