About Me

liz kettle sitting in a chair outside in the mountains stitching

I love coffee, stitching, walking in the forest and fabric. 

My work explores fabric and stitch, texture and rhythm. I am fascinated by the simple structure of the grid and its prevalence in our world. To me the grid represents both the physical structures that surround us as well as the pulse of our society and our attempts to bring order to chaos. I am inspired by many things but the rhythm of the natural world and the human mind weave their way into my work with consistency.

My Bio:I adore fabric, stitching and mixing up my media with whatever I have at hand. I am even more passionate about teaching others the joy of making and enjoying the creative process. Creating is the secret sauce that creates a full life. I have been teaching since 2006 when my first book was published and my classes are designed to have fun and be experimental and make a delicious mess while unearthing our unique artistic voices. I am the creator of the Stitch Meditation Process. This process brings together mindfulness and creative experience in a daily practice that reduces stress, relaxes the body and engages the right brain.

My Teaching Philosophy: I believe that the classroom should be a safe haven for learning, exploring and stretching your creative muscles. It takes a lot of courage to develop and realize your artistic self. I value that courage and understand the fear and uncertainty that accompanies it. My role is to walk beside you on this journey as a guide and teacher. I do not use the word perfection unless we are making margaritas. I teach a wide variety of mixed media art techniques and my overriding goal for each student is to discover their own creative energy, voice and heart.
My classes are designed to be accessible to the total beginner and also stretch the more seasoned artist