Certified Stitch Meditation Teachers (CSMT)

 In 2023 we graduated our first class of Certified Stitch Meditation Teachers. 

Stitch Meditation® is an incredible practice for team building, sparking creativity, managing stress, and healing.

Become a Certified Stitch Meditation Teacher Next training workshop begins on August 7, 2024. 

Look for a CSMT in your area to learn in-person or for your next event.

student learning stitch meditation at business event

United States

Arizona: Prescott   Jane Jones

Colorado: Gunnision  Susan Crawford

Illinois: Lindenhurst  Caryn Wolf

Minnesota: Brooklyn Park  Dedre Herron-Slack

Missouri: Kansas City and online  Jessica Waters Art, Sound and Design

North Carolina: Winston-Salem Michele Lifshen 

Ohio: Shaker Heights  Natalie Isvarin-Love

South Carolina: York   Julie Mehigan

Texas: Fort Worth  Ava Nell Harris

Washington: Bellingham  Artemis O'Connor

Washington: Ocean Shores   Corrine Holden

Wisconsin  Donalee Kennedy


United Kington: Norfolk   Emma Rodwell


New Zealand  Laura Taylor