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The birthplace of Stitch Meditation®

I know that everyone has a creative genius at their core. The problem is we have gotten disconnected from it in our modern world.

Now, more than ever, we need to connect back to our creative heart.

Making art, creating with our hands, connects us to our
soul, to our deepest emotions and allows us space to process and release
stress. It connects us to each other and our environment.

Making art brings us back to ourselves.


  • Start your own Stitch Meditation Journey

    Stitch Meditation is a creative mindful practice that helps you reduce stress and increase mindfulness while developing your stitch skills and discover your unique voice!

    Stitch Meditation 
  • Have a cup of coffee with me to explore ideas about art, creativity and connecting with nature. Stay for a peek at my studio process and daily life.

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  • Learn with me online

    Through my videos and tutorials, my world changing goal is to empower more makers to take up their needles and paintbrushes to discover the joy, well-being and pride found through creating with their own hands

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