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Welcome to Textile Evolution! Grab your needles and thread, your paint and your paper and make some time to play.

Stitch Meditation

Stitch Meditation is a creative mindful practice that helps you reduce stress and increase mindfulness while developing your stitch skills!

I invented the Stitch Meditation process in 2014. I created it out of personal necessity, tested some different ways to discover what works best and started sharing it with the world. The practice has caught on like wildfire across the entire globe. Watch the video below and maybe it will spark something in you. 

I invite you to discover my stitch meditation process and become part of the slow stitch movement! 

Join the free Facebook group  for tips, inspiration and uplifting community. 

You can purchase your Stitch Meditation kit  to help you get started in this creative process. that helps you reduce stress and increase mindfulness while developing your stitch skills!


I have limited my travel teaching because I am the co-founder of and director for Textiles West, a textile arts non-profit based in Colorado Springs, CO working to sustain the skills and traditons of all forms of textile arts, bring community together to experience the many benefits of art and making and to incite change in the way we use textiles to reduce the textile industry impact on the planet. 


Join the stitch fun in theThreads 101 Online Class based on my book Threads - The Basic and Beyond. More classes will be added to my on-line school as fast as I can get them filmed (which isn't very fast) so be sure to sign up for the free newsletter so you are first to know. 

Check out the free book studies of Fabric Embellishing: the Basics and Beyond with my friend Ruth Chandler and I under the Online Classes tab. You do need the book to participate in the book study but there isn't any fee to jump in and play. You will find tutorials, videos and fun projects.

Don't miss the Tutorial section under the Online Classes tab where I have a lot of fun projects for you to try.


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